Secured My First High Ticket Client - Christ Centered Coaching
Secured My First High Ticket Client - Christ Centered Coaching
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Secured My First High Ticket Client

Roger Kirkhart - Small Business Consultant

About This Project

Roger Kirkhart has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He originally came to Christ Centered Coaching to build a network marketing company. However, after completing our Christ Centered Business Plan, he discovered that the network marketing business model was not a timely fit. God used coaching to show Roger that, because of his wide success with varied businesses, He was calling Roger to become a small business consultant.



Roger discovered that his decades of entrepreneurship were training and setting him up to help other business owners succeed. He is now serving small businesses and helping them develop their marketing, systems, and processes to create successful businesses that glorify God.


Coming out of coaching, Roger secured his first client at a high ticket price and created a recurring income for himself. This was a huge accomplishment for him because he is approaching retirement and wants to build a sustainable future for his family.





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