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117,000 + Leads!

About This Project

Jay Kumar is a digital media pioneer in the outdoor recreation space. He is the founder of BassGold.com, BassBlaster.rocks, and many other successful online websites.  He co-hosted the ESPN television show Loudmouth Bass with Mark Zona, former Bassmaster senior writer, and currently runs Sasquatch Media, LLC. Jay consults on and executes digital media, marketing and data analysis for companies ranging from small businesses to Novartis.


Jay already has several successful businesses and became a client for the purposes of scaling his revenue and email list. We optimized his email lists to increase engagement, created new offers, substantially increased lead generation, and revenue increased as a result. Below are a collection of screenshots from some of the Facebook lead generation campaigns we ran for Jay’s websites.


"ron gelok results"


"ron gelok results"

We increased lead generation and revenue for several of Sasquatch Media’s properties and several of Jay’s consulting clients. Through Facebook we generated well over 100,000+ leads; some campaigns producing a record number of leads for Jay and at an incredibly low cost per lead. Some campaigns producing as much as 30,000 leads at a time.

Jay continues to work with an affiliate of Christ Centered Coaching where his business and email list are still growing substantially.




Learn More about Jay and Sasquatch Media: http://www.sasqmedia.com/

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