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Nervous About Selling Yourself as a Coach?

Nervous About Selling Yourself as a Coach?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable selling coaching, offering your services, or increasing the price? In this video, Coach Ron will share how to breakthrough and confidently offer your services or increase your price or get in front of your customers.


Today, we’re talking about how to put yourselves out there if you’re afraid to make an offer and sell your services. Here’s the big shortcut to making your offer and selling coaches:


You are not selling yourself– what you are selling is the opportunity for someone to work on their dreams and experience transformation and breakthrough to get to an end desired goal. You are not selling yourself. You are the vessel, the facilitator, the conduit for the Holy Spirit. You team up with the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to be sensitive to His voice. The Holy Spirit is responsible for the results. 


Let me tell you a secret here: There are times when I don’t know what I’m going to say to a client next. There are often times when I don’t know what questions to ask next. So, I will pause, try to listen to the Holy Spirit, and ask that He’ll guide me. When the client says something, the Holy Spirit gives me phrases, He gives me questions, and the breakthrough continues. Operating this way takes all of the pressures off. The Holy Spirit is responsible for the results, your job is to show up and be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is telling you.


When you make an offer or make a coaching solicitation and somebody says no, they are not rejecting you. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with them being willing to work on themselves, work on their goals, to go after the next parts. If someone’s not willing to do that, you can’t really help them.


We are tempted to say, “I’m not just saying the right thing.”, “I’m not just communicating the right thing.” Use the script book that I’ve been using for years- the same exact process every time to enroll clients. It’s really straightforward and simple. You can go to and download my script book for Christian coaches. It’s a powerful tool.


Again, the pressure is off you because the results are on the Holy Spirit. Your job is to show up, be obedient, and facilitate breakthrough and transformation.


The mindset shift that we have to have in order to successfully make offers confidently is realizing that we are not selling ourselves. It takes a lot of the pressure off. It allows you to show up authentically, as your true self, not feeling the tension and the pressure whether they are going to say yes or whatnot when I give my price. 


I tell you this, too. As I have increased my price for coaching, the closing ratio, the number of people that enroll in my business has not changed. If anything it’s gotten better because I’m talking to fewer people that are of a higher caliber. 

If you’re offering your service at a low ticket or for free, then you’ll hear from the tons who want to come through the door. But if you have differentiated yourself a bit, with your marketing message- one of the ways to do that is having a high price and serving high caliber clients. You can do that and realize that they’re still going to sign up whether it’s $2000 or $5000 a month it doesn’t matter- the closing ratio doesn’t change. What matters is you putting yourself out there and making the coaching offers, adding value so people want to work with you and want to have the breakthrough that you’re talking about and promising.


Remember: YOU ARE NOT SELLING YOURSELF. You are selling to someone the opportunity to experience transformation, to work on their dreams, and experience a breakthrough. Your job is to be a facilitator, a coach, a helper in that process. People can only be helped as much as they are willing to help themselves.  That’s where your role comes in. You are helping them, you are helping them breakthrough and go through the walls and challenges that otherwise they don’t want to do or don’t want to deal with by themselves.

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