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How To Create A Christian Personal Brand

"How to create a christian personal brand"

How To Create A Christian Personal Brand

How To Create a

Christian Personal Brand

Christian “Personal Branding” has become a catch-all phrase for everything from content to color schemes. And there’s no single definition that everyone can agree on! Christian Personal Branding is something I believe has to be tastefully done. Today I have our very own Christ-Centered Coach and Branding Expert Julia Baxter to help us understand how to create a personal brand in 2020.

"how to create a personal brand 2020"

So it’s no wonder why people are confused about what personal branding really is, and why it’s so important.

Especially for Christian entrepreneurs.

Ever thought that creating your own brand seems boastful or materialistic?

Or that it’s just a fancy-pants way to make a big deal out of nothing?

And how do you know when you need one, anyway?

This will help.

How to Build a Christian Personal Brand

The point of Christian Personal Branding is to declare three critical things about you:

  1. What you do best
  2. What you value
  3. What makes you different


Your Christian Personal Brand is a Testimony!

Consider the special gift, talent, ability or skill that you have. God gave it to you! He wants you to be a “good and faithful servant” with your talent, use it to serve others and give Him the credit.

When you stand out for ONE thing that you do better than anyone else, your audience doesn’t have to guess about what you do.

A clear brand positions you as a legitimate authority. When you’re clear, they’re clear. And CLARITY grows your reputation and your business.

While sales and marketing are all about telling the world what to do, or buy or say or wear…a brand just “is”

What does a Personal Christian Brand and actually do?

"christian personal branding"It doesn’t have to do anything.

It has a personality and voice.

It has goals.

It is distinctive. (No two brands are exactly the same.)

It values some things and not others.

It attracts people who understand it, need it, and want to be just like it.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a pretty good way to witness? A brand is a representation of something. What does yours say?

You Already Have A Christian Personal Brand

You have some sort of personal brand already because people already have an impression and opinion of you.

And while we can’t control what people believe about us, we CAN control what we intentionally and consistently produce and say about ourselves.

This is the difference between branding by accident and branding on purpose.

Branding on purpose is one of the most powerful ways to honor God’s calling in your life, and use the gifts He’s given you.

How To Create A Christian Personal Brand On Purpose

These 4 questions will help you define your Christian brand with purpose:

  1. What is my strongest God-given gift, talent, skill or ability? 
  2. What do I stand for? (Brand Identity)
  3. What makes me different from others who have a similar calling? (Brand Differentiation)
  4. How is God already opening doors for me to do this?

Do you see the difference here?

Instead of just going with what feels right in the moment, a carefully thought-through strategy gives you and your business direction.

Consider a brand as your “hit song”.

It tells your story.

It emotionally connects with your audience.

It sets a rhythm for your ideal audience to groove with.

And creates a memorable impression of you, that others want to sing along with.

Should Christian Brands only Serve other Christians?


"How to create a christian personal brand"

This is one of the most common questions Christian business owners ask. Because it’s important that we acknowledge our faith, and honor our Creator through business, right?

As Christian Financial Expert, Dave Ramsey said:

God wants us to use our talents for Him in two ways: Blessing others and building His kingdom. - Dave Ramsey

Just about any type of business can be your ministry, and it’s best to strategically form your brand first, to guide it.

For example, I’m blessed to serve many types of clients and businesses, while using my spiritual gifts, branding experience, adhering to my own core values and allowing my faith to shine through.

It just so happens, that plenty of Christian clients come my way, even though I don’t market specifically to them. Blessings!

How do You Know Your Personal Brand is “good enough”?

Defining your brand intentionally means infusing your message, mission, faith, and talents into every aspect of your business! This is Glorifying to God

Many entrepreneurs are fearful that if they focus their personal brand on one point of difference, they’ll lose business or miss out on something bigger. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Pigeonholing is not what’s happening here, a Christian Personal Brand helps you stand for something in the marketplace. If you don’t stand for something for a specific group of people then you essentially stand for nothing.

The reality is, there’s nothing bigger than what God has called you to do.

And the key is to articulate that calling in every aspect of your business.

That’s your brand in action!

A Clear Christian Brand is Represented with:


  • Brand statement and tagline
  • Mission statement
  • Content
  • Design
  • Products and services
  • Partnerships
  • Business plan
  • Customer focus
  • Reputation
  • And more!


Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. - Proverbs 19:21


How Does Faith-based Branding help Christian Entrepreneurs Succeed?

Your brand helps you accomplish two important things:

  1. It tells people what to believe about you.
  2. "julia baxter branding"It helps you become known for something specific.

Both of these together, declare to the marketplace what you offer. These elements set you apart from the competitors, even those blessed with similar gifts to yours.

Big brands act as a guide to help you achieve or believe something:

Coca-Cola tells you that you’re happy, friendly, and nostalgic.

Nike says you’re strong, focused, and capable.

Disney says your imagination is powerful and limitless.

When you stand out for ONE thing that you do better than anyone else, your audience doesn’t have to guess about what you do.

A clear brand positions you as a legitimate authority. When you’re clear, they’re clear. And CLARITY grows your reputation and your business.

He didn’t bless you with the calling and gifts to just be a Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to become famous or wealthy, although a strong brand may help you achieve that too. Your brand is a representation of your calling to serve the people God is calling you to.

Faith-Based Branding

So what will your personal brand help people believe? About you, about your ability to help them, and your faith?

I believe you already have everything you need to create a powerful, purposeful, and profitable brand, for the glory of God.

His calling is your compass!  

Go ahead, and lead from here!



"julia baxter"


Julia Baxter is one of our Christ-Centered Coaches who specializes in brand strategy and business growth coach. 

She’s marketed and consulted with Fortune 100 companies and many of the world’s most recognized brands.

She’s the Creator of Brand Studio, an online community, courses and coaching programs where she helps entrepreneurs, creators and high performers become known and profitable brands.

Julia gives straight talk on creating businesses to last, by branding and monetizing what you do best.

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