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How Much To Charge as a Christian Coach

How Much To Charge as a Christian Coach

“Some people believe that because you are a Christian Coach that you should charge less than other coaches because you are doing “the Lord’s work.” I do NOT subscribe to this view at all. In fact, it is my opinion that ONLY lasting and sustainable life change comes from Jesus. Because you have access to the Holy Spirit, which is something that non-believers don’t have yet, you should actually be confident to charge a premium and what your breakthrough is worth!  Christian Coaches are the new spiritual leaders of today and they walk on purpose and with power to impact the Kingdom of God. The bible tells us that you should get paid well for your work…

For the Scripture says: You must not muzzle an ox to keep it from eating as it treads out the grain. And in another place: Those who work deserve their pay!

– 1 Timothy 5:18


How Do you Set Your Pricing as a Christian Coach?

What you are charging for as a Christian Coach is your coaching services and the outcome or result in you facilitate. The fact that you have the Holy Spirit abiding in you means you can’t help but use your spiritual gifts in coaching. You are not charging for access to your spiritual gifts, that’s a blessing that God has given to you as tools to use in building the Kingdom of God. 

Your fee is based on the value of the outcome you produce, your time, your expertise, your knowledge, and any additional deliverables to the client. That being said they are two main categories of Christian Coaches, life and business. To see some examples check out my other blog post titled 51 Christian Coaching Businesses to Start from Home.


Here’s What to Charge for Christian Coaching


In the video above I shared exactly what to charge for Christian business coaching. I believe you can charge more for business coaching than life coaching in general because of the ease of ability to track ROI from business coaching.

The above video also shares what to charge for Christian life coaching. I encourage you to really value the breakthrough and transformation that you help create as a coach by using my suggested minimum pricing for Christian life coaches.


"christian business coach" 

Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA

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