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How Businesses Should Respond to Coronavirus

"how businesses should handle coronavirus"

How Businesses Should Respond to Coronavirus

How Businesses Should Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

I never thought I would be writing a blog post on how businesses should respond to the coronavirus, let alone any kind of pandemic. So here we are…

Businesses have a responsibility to respond to their audiences and customers. Let’s get right into how a business can handle coronavirus and become an asset to its customers and communities.

How Businesses Should Handle Coronavirus

  1. "how businesses should respond to coronavirus"Take Immediate Action! – Your audience wants to hear from you! Don’t wait to communicate important relevant information to them. Waiting too long can reflect negatively on your brand and assume you don’t care about the situation.
  2. Be Proactive & Share What Your Doing – let your customers know in advance what you’re doing to prepare for coronavirus how things are clean how everyone’s being tested and the proactive steps you’re taking to ensure your products and services are safe for people. By doing this you kind of play into what your customers are already thinking about and this can avoid order cancellations and help conduct business as usual. Share things like:
    • How are you cleaning your workplace or building differently?
    • How are you protecting your customers and your staff?
    • Have your hours of operation changed?
    • Will your customers’ service be disrupted? Will product deliveries be delayed?
    • How can customers contact you with questions?
    • Where can customers get the latest information about how you’re handling the crisis?
  3. Our local grocery store…

    Don’t Joke about Coronavirus – Be compassionate and considerate. We have no idea what is going on in other people’s lives. There are customers and contacts you have that have already been affected by this.

  4. Help Out – Sharing with your email list or post on social media how you are helping. One practical example is making yourself available as a babysitter to healthcare professionals whose kids are currently at home due to school closings. How many employees do you have that are willing to volunteer their time as babysitters or drivers? Consider taking the following steps to help your audience during the crisis:
    • Set up a relief fund for those affected by the crisis.
    • Create educational content that will help your audience navigate or understand the crisis.
    • Discount your product or service or give it away for free.
    • Use your product or service to help people suffering from the crisis.

    You have much more power and influence than you realize. Show people what it means to be Christ-Centered!

  5. "how business should handle coronavirus"Do Not Give in to Fear – With the fear and some panic going on due to this pandemic people can often act irrationally and unpredictably. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that, “God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.”Use wisdom and prepare and have food for yourself and others for 2 to 3 weeks.
  6. Don’t Take Advantage of the Situation – If your product or service has high demand right not because of the coronavirus pandemic, DO NOT increase your price. I understand the laws of supply and demand but during a crisis, it is unethical and insensitive. If anything offer a discount or promotion to make your products and services more available to those who really need them.
  7. Influence Others! – As a kingdom entrepreneur and someone who is Christ-Centered. It’s our job to influence others positively and not shrink back in fear or panic all around us. Use wisdom for sure. But using God’s peace to be present with others and calm people down. Invite God’s peace that surpasses understanding to minister to you and others. Be steadfast my friends and don’t give in to what the world around us is doing.
  8. Let Your Audience Know You Care and are Praying for Them – If you have a physical store location, share what you are doing to keep customers safe. They may be stressed, scared, upset, and be suffering from the illness themselves.
  9. Monitor the Crisis and Adjust Communications – You may need to address the crisis again and give your audience updates on how things are progressing. Be prepared to right respectfully and sensitively in your communications.

Here is an example of some communications some great companies have already sent out:

Marriott Coronavirus Response

"how businesses should respond to coronavirus"

Digital Marketer – Traffic and Conversion Coronavirus Response

"coronavirus business response"

These guys, unfortunately, but maybe, fortunately, had to cancel their entire event but it is the right thing to do to avoid the widespread of coronavirus. We can always make more money, the important thing now to do is help others, don’t spread fear or panic, and become a leader during a time of crisis.

If you or your business need support during this time please contact me or at a minimum join our Christian Entrepreneur Community on Facebook.




Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA


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