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Christian Coach’s Mindset for Serving Clients

Christian Coach’s Mindset for Serving Clients

As a coach, you have to wear multiple different hats, sometimes, simultaneously. In this video, Coach Ron is going to be talking about the Christian coach’s mindset and the place you need to be in to make a massive kingdom impact and breakthrough in the lives of your clients.

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  • Are we yielded and submitted to the Holy Spirit?

We have to be open to allow the Holy Spirit to our coaching call at any time. A lot of times the breakthrough that your client needs is actually in the heart or in the mind- not so much in the technical aspect or strategy of your business or the area of your coaching. A lot of times it’s something deeper. As Christian coaches, we believe that the only sustainable lasting change comes through the power of  Jesus. So, being willing to press pause on your agenda or what you had planned for that day to make room for the Holy Spirit to come in and minister, ensures that you’re in a place to facilitate breakthrough for your client.

  • Standing for their greatness

What this looks like and what this means is that you’re willing to believe in them, cheer them on, stand for their greatness, and see their potential- where they could go and the results that they could have. You’re seeing the vision for them when they are willing to see it or stand for it themselves. One of the things that can get in the way of standing for your client’s greatness and believing the best for them is by becoming their friend too soon. Don’t misunderstand me! I love my clients- I pray for them regularly, shed tears when some of them leave. We care about them deeply but when you are on the call with your client, you are not friends. It’s important to stay in the role of coach and mentee/ coachee because if you slip into the friend role while you’re supposed to be wearing the coach hat, you can be more willing to compromise and not say the bold things that you really need to in order to create breakthrough and change in those lives. So, stay out of the friend zone while you’re coaching. Outside of the coaching calls, be friends, hang out, chat, but while you’re coaching them, you want to make sure you establish those clear boundaries with the client and yourself.

  • It’s not about the money.

It’s about creating transformation and breakthroughs for your client. If you do a good job as a coach in facilitating that, the money part is the easy part. You’ll get more referrals and that business will keep continuing. You have to detach yourself emotionally from the financial aspect of serving someone. What really should get your gears going and excited as a Christian coach is seeing them execute, seeing them have breakthroughs, results, progress, and healing. That’s what should really really do for you. Honestly, I’d love to coach for free, I don’t care about the money. I’d love to do that but we can’t. Charging money keeps your client invested, it keeps them having skin in the game. If you have coached people before for free or at low cost, I’m sure you have found that these are the most frustrating and difficult clients. The ones that are paying the most are pretty self-sufficient. They don’t even need you that much. You’re just making little tweaks and changes and they’re having a massive impact. Money is not indicative of your value or what you can and can’t do. It’s more about having the client invested in the process and having skin in the game. Because the truth is our Jehovah Jireh, our God Jesus is our provider. Regardless of what your business or your bank account says, He’s going to provide for you. He’s going to take care of you. So, as you’re with your clients, when you’re serving them, don’t worry about the money part. Focus on them. Focus on hearing the Holy Spirit and doing what you need to do on that call. Take care of the Lord’s work and He’ll take care of you.

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