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Certified Christ Centered Coach

Certified Christ Centered Coaches

At Christ Centered Coaching we believe that the Lord called us to build and partner with 100 coaches. The following is the standard, benefits, and meaning behind the certification. It is our hope that in the Coaching industry and marketplace, Certified Christ Centered Coaches will be known for being true disciples of Jesus and leaders in the Kingdom of God.

Credential Resources – This link has been removed, please email support@christcenteredcoaching.com for access to the certified coach resources.


What does it mean to be a Certified Christ Centered Coach?

I proclaim the Gospel, cast out demons, and heal the sick

I fully participate in the great commission (Matthew 18)

I witness and expect miracles, signs, and wonders

I am grounded in the Bible and regularly read it

I am accountable to others and for others

I am open to correction and exhortation from Christ Centered Coaching

I am fully yielded to the Holy Spirit

I submit myself to Biblical conflict management as per Matthew 18

I am committed to making Disciple Makers who make Disciple Makers!


What it Means to Carry the Christ Centered Coach Certification 

You agree to keep yourself at a standard of excellence, holiness, and integrity. 

You represent not only your Father God but all of the other Christ Centered Coaches.

You agree not to do things at less than 100% and have your online marketing efforts be excellent.

You agree not to accept clients that aren’t a fit, you know you can’t help, or will harm you in the process.

You value yourself, the client, your services, and what Holy Spirit is speaking.

You charge for coaching because you believe you are called to coach and a worker is worthy of their hire.

You point your clients to Jesus and provide biblical and christ centered solutions regardless of who the client is.

You agree to never compromise by putting your faith, values, or relationship with Christ on the back seat in order to coach or take the next step.



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What Support Team needs from you Next:

Certification Covenant Signed

Affiliate Agreement Signed (marife will send this week via docusign)

Blog Post – 750 words minimum

SEO Title/Keyword Phrase – what would people search to find your article?

Corresponding Video file – send me a link to your video file, we upload it on youtube

Provide a headshot

What areas do you want be listed on CCC Website to coach?

Calendar Link – send me your calendar link (we will use this long-term)

Send one email with all the above to support@christcenteredcoaching.com
If you have questions, please contact support

Congratulations to all our newly Certified Christ Centered Coaches