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7 Online Coaching Tools Every Coach Needs

"online coaching tools"

7 Online Coaching Tools Every Coach Needs

7 Coaching Tools Every Coach Needs

Online coaching tools are an absolute necessity. This is a short blog post to share my favorite online coaching tools to help you have a more streamlined and organized coaching business. I am grateful for these online coaching tools, and I believe you will be too. Check these out:

7 Online Coaching Tools

  1. Video Conferencing/Call Tool – We recommend Zoom.us because it is reliable, free, and easy to use for the first time and advanced users. This is the best communication tool we have found for coaches online.
  2. "coaching business from home - coaching tools"Online Appointment/Scheduling/Booking Tool – I have to say hands down this is my favorite tool on this list. BookLikeABoss.com is the perfect tool for coaches, entrepreneurs, and any online business owner who schedules video calls of any kind. It syncs seamlessly with your phone and email calendar in real-time to provide you the most accurate schedule for new customer and client acquisition.

    You can also provide payment links inside of BookLikeaBoss so someone can pay for a coaching package, a product, a consultation, or just about anything else you want. I’ve been using the software in my coaching business for a couple of years now after trying a lot of other tools. They are also one of Zoom.us top #10 partner apps. I highly recommend the two together.
  3. Coaching Forms – Application, coaching session questions, goals worksheet, client agreement, coaching offboarding session. I organize mine in a Dropbox.com folder which both the client and I as the coach have access to.
  4. Email Autoresponder and CRM – This is a fancy way to say, a tool to collect all your email leads and send emails to big groups of people on an email list at once. The absolute truth is you 110% need an email tool. Without this online coaching tool, it will be impossible to scale significantly. We suggest using an email tool called Active Campaign.
  5. Christian Coach’s Script Book
    – Exactly what to say to sign up High Ticket clients
    – ​How to confidently present multiple prices
    ​- Overcome Objections like: “no money, no time,” & “I need to pray about it.”
    ​- Power Questions: Ask your potential clients powerful questions that make them want to take action
    – How to Run a Discovery Call
    Download the Script Book Here 
  6. A Sales Funnel – Funnels are the best tool to generate leads online for any kind of business period. There are similar to a website except there is only one action that you can take on the site as opposed to a website that functions more like an online brochure. We highly recommend setting yourself up with a Free Trial of ClickFunnels. You can use it for funnels, surveys, applications, webinars, automated webinars, membership sites, mini-classes, and you can host and sell just about ANY kind of product or service. I’ve found great training, customer support, and ease of use for our own coaching business. Learn More Here

    Online Coaching Tools – 3 Secrets to Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business

    A “Get Clients Funnel” is a funnel that works 24/7 on an automated basis to generate leads, new client appointments, and ultimately sales. Most entrepreneurs will engage with a potential lead/customer once. A good funnel includes email marketing follow-up that refers your leads back to making the decision to buy. If you don’t have any funnels for your business yet and your not sure where to start, try doing a free trial of Clickfunnels. This is the tool Christ-Centered Coaching has been using for the life of our business.

  7. Digital Marketer Lab – I believe every business owner should also have the ability to understand marketing. Everything is moving more and more online and if you are not learning how to keep your business in front of consumers and in the top of their minds you won’t be relevant nor make money. DM Labs is a monthly membership to the highest quality digital marketing training online today. You can use Digital Marketer Lab for free by visiting the site here: https://ChristCenteredCoaching.com/DMLabs 

I hope you enjoyed these 7 powerful online coaching tools. These are the perfect set of tools for anyone that wants to start or grow a coaching business from home.

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Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA



P.S.  Tools are great, but if you are not in a place where you are abiding in Christ and your relationship is thriving… You may want to be in greater alignment first with Him. If you need to recommit or start your Christ Centered Business check out the Glorify God in Business Workshop 


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