7 Biblical Steps Christian Coach Must Take to Grow their Business Online without Experiencing Burnout - Christ Centered Coaching

7 Biblical Steps Christian Coach Must Take to Grow their Business Online without Experiencing Burnout

7 Biblical Steps Christian Coach Must Take to Grow their Business Online without Experiencing Burnout

Recently I hired a new coach for myself to help me take the Christ-Centered Coaching business to a place where we can build Christian Camps and Conference Centers. When I first hired my new coach I thought, “LET’S GOOO! I’m ready to Run!!!” 

What I quickly found out is that God has other plans for me first before opening up access to purchase the campground facility. See, our God is one of order and His thoughts are on a level of master architect and planner. We have to keep in mind for the Christ-Centered Coach & Entrepreneur that we are NOT the CEO, God is the CEO, and we are His Managers/stewards of the business and decisions he entrusted us with. The Bible reminds us of why we want to seek God’s direction in the book Isaiah: 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. - Isaiah 55:8-9

7 Biblical Steps Every Christian Coach Must Take for Success

  1. Alignment with God – Your relationship, time, and your calling is the most important prerequisite to making any kind of substantial impact for the Kingdom of God. You have to fill up in order to pour out. This should be given more attention and importance but surprisingly it’s not. A lot of coaches have their calling and area of expertise but they need to slow down long enough to get direction and next steps from God.

    Even Jesus said in John 5:19, Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing…”

    Coaches tell me all the time how they struggle to make time with God or slow down to connect with Him; and they wonder why they are struggling. The truth is that you have a yielded and obedient heart to God. Humility and submission to God as your Father and CEO is the key to experiencing the reality of your God’s anointing on your calling. Be in alignment with what God is speaking to you, there isn’t a better place to live from.

    “You need an attitude of submission before the Lord will send you on mission! – Rev. Ron Gelok III
  2. Establish Boundaries and Time Management – The more successful you become the more you have to say no to opportunity. Saying yes to a variety of projects spreads you too thin and causes you to become less effective and more prone to burnout. Focus on your calling and what God is speaking to you is crucial“Sometimes good is the enemy of God’s Best for your life.” – Rev. Ron Gelok IIIPractically what this looks like is this:A). Prioritize ONE thing at a time – Too much too fast will cause you to crash and burn. If this is new to you start by prioritizing one thing per day. After you can do that successfully start planning monthly, and finally quarterly. This can look like prioritizing one habit or activity daily for 15 minutes. Then prioritizing weekly 60 minutes, Monthly 2 hours, and finally plan Quarterly 6-8 hours with a team. The key is to do this one step at a time and grow into the different phases of planning. You will literally hate your business if you plan too much too fast; ask me how I know?

    B). Schedule & Time Block EVERYTHING – Despite our best intentions and goals. Only what gets scheduled and written down gets done. Time Blocking is marking out a set time every week where you will do a specific activity such as time with God, work on the business, content creation, coaching clients, and etc. This gives you more control over your time and the lifestyle you want to have as a coach. It will take some time to execute it all perfectly but the goal is to order your day and your time, not perfection.

  3. Your Personal Health – Your body is a temple. Years ago when I started Christ-Centered Coaching I was praying and asking God for wisdom on how to grow the business. But every time I prayed He wouldn’t talk to me about the business, he would talk to me about my Health. Because our God is one of order, he wasn’t going to promote me to the next level without me being equipped physically to sustain the calling. That would be like God answering my prayer and you get into a car with no engine!To truly show up as the best possible coach we need to be exercising and eating healthy. It just makes sense right? You need to be physically capable of handling the work or fully living out your calling.
  4. Clean House Spiritually – God wants people to be free and unhindered from sin, wounds, and anything else that holds you down. The Lord is looking for those who will worship and spirit and in truth. The lord is looking for those that want to be used as vessels for the kingdom. In order to do that, you gotta get rid of any demonization and or sin in our lives. I’m not saying become perfect, but pursue sanctification so we can become a mighty weapon for the Kingdom of God.
  5. Sabbath Plan – Strategically rest and celebrate in a way that replenishes you and refuels you to show up powerful as a Christ-Centered Coach. Sabbath is NOT a day to do other work at home or at church. Sabbath is one day of rest that you find time to be with God and rest by doing things that replenish and refuel you.
  6. Setting Expectations with Others – Set expectations with clients of when you are available and when you will communicate with them. Set expectations with your family of when you are time blocking and scheduling. Set expectations with your family of when you will unplug and disconnect from work and technology.
  7. Build a Team – Even Jesus had a team to help Him spread the Gospel. The illusion of the solopreneur or solo owner-operator is dead. If you really want to avoid burnout and unnecessary stress you need to build and develop a team around you. We are not called to do ALL things in our business and meet every need. Not all problems are your problem.

“But Rev. Ron, no one can do this as good as I can? I don’t want to give up control and delegate.”

That may be true but in order for you to grow and scale you must be willing to let go of control, ego, and pride. The Christ-Centered Coach’s #1 skillset should be coaching. So it’s actually essential that you stay in your lane and incorporate experts from their field/niche to help you. We all have a specific role to play in the body of Christ and that includes us and our skillsets in business. Be willing to delegate and outsource if you want to do less work and earn more income. The more your business can run without you the more time freedom you can have.

For example, at Christ-Centered Coaching, we are the marketing strategy and implementation arm, system creation, and sales arm for Christian Coaches to help them generate leads, sales, and new clients. 

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