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5 Hacks to Change Identity for Christian Coaches

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5 Hacks to Change Identity for Christian Coaches

5 Hacks to Change Identity for Christian Coaches


The Lord showed me the power and importance of being clear and firm in our identity AND authority in Christ. Identity in Christ is owning the position and relationship you have in Christ which gives you access to spiritual authority that is made available to us as believers.  This may sound harsh but the truth is without owning your Kingdom Identity you will most likely live life under your potential, not operate in the supernatural gifts, and never truly fulfill what God has called you to.


Today I want to talk to you about the 4 forces that shape our identity and how to hack them to line your identity up Biblically and become unstoppable for the Kingdom of God!


The simplest way I know to explain identity is like this… A fish swims, a bird flies, and the Believer preaches the Gospel, lays hands on the sick, and sets the captives free. You find your purpose out of identity in Christ. Those 3 things are what Jesus charges us to do and I’ll tell you this looks different for every single one of our coaches. When you are firm in identity, your kingdom assignments and operating with spiritual gifts become easier, and the fear is removed.

4 Forces that Shape Identity

  1. Belonging – With whom do I belong? From the time I was a boy I primarily identified as a Skateboarding and felt a deep connection to this sub-culture and group. It’s what I thought about and obsessed about 24/7 for years! I now feel that same way as a Christian Coach, digital marketer, and minister. But most importantly I belong to King Jesus and I identify as a Son of the King first above all else.
  2. Believing – What do I believe about myself? These work both ways positively and negatively. For the better part of 10 years before Christ-Centered Coaching started, I believed I was an addict and a degenerate. Because that is who I believed I was, I had the behavior and actions to follow that. What you believe about yourself dictates the actions you will take and how you will show up as a coach.
  3. Becoming – Who do I want to become? Throughout our lives we are going to change, be molded, become more healed, more delivered, and freer. Who you are today is not who God is molding you to be tomorrow. The question is are we willing to go through the adversity that is required to fulfill who God has called us to be?
  4. Behaving – Habits. These 4 forces stack on each other and the manifestation of the prior forces being successfully in place is successful habit execution. If we do not do our habits and what we have committed to, our brain produces cognitive dissonance and says your behavior is not matching up. (This often leads to people wanting to quit and give up).


Alright, so that’s cool. What do we do about it?

Well did you know you can actually change your identity?


It’s called Neuroplasticity.


Neuroplasticity is the change in neural pathways and synapses that occurs due to certain factors, like behavior, environment, or neural processes. During such changes, the brain engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary or useful, and strengthening the necessary ones.


5 Ways to Hack Your Identity for Christian Coaches

Here are some steps you can take to reform your identity and show up as the Christ-Centered Coaching you are destined to be.


  1. How do we re-form our belonging portion of identity – Upgrade your relationships. You need to get around other people that what you want and going after it. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:25 to not give up on meeting together and to assemble with one another. AKA run with other big dogs like YOU.
  2. Reform Believing – Reinstall deep beliefs. Make a list of the lies, negative beliefs, fears, and etc. You have to create awareness of what’s holding you back first. Bring these to the father and let them go. A great step to take is here is to pray and renounce, reject, and repent for being in agreement with negative beliefs. Finally, ask God to restore Biblical beliefs and identity.
  3. Craft and Identity Statement – My coach helped me to do this and it’s something I say every single day out loud. My coach says that our identity statement becomes like a suit of armor that guards against discouragement, setbacks, and poor decision marketing. Each statement can be wielded like a weapon when we encounter adversity.

    My identity statement starts like this, “In light of who I am and where I am going I will…” I also have several affirmations included that I connect directly to my vision statement of where I am going.
  4. Craft a Weaponized Vision – A weaponized vision is a clear and powerful series of “I see statements” that articulate your vision and fire you up. You must be clear on what you are working and moving towards or the attacks of the enemy and the realities of life will sabotage and take you out. Having a weaponized vision always enables you to easily share this Vision with others and allow them the opportunity to buy into it and come with you.
  5. Change Your Environment – When you change your environment it is easier to set yourself up for success. For example, I have all my morning habits and routines almost all in the kitchen. When your house and office are cluttered and messy it’s not productive and there is scientific proof that it affects your ability to create and think clearly.


When you practice these 5 Hacks on Identity for Christian Coaches moves you from a Survival Mode existence to a purpose-driven existence. See what Coach Colin Yearwood had to say about Identity in Christ and what changed for him when he went through our 31 day devotional for Christian Coaches on Identity.

The goal is not to try harder or just use more self-control or self-discipline. You can spin your wheels faster but all it does is make a bigger rut in the mud of life. The harder we try the harder we fail and that produces shame.  When you feel shame you won’t do anything again and you won’t make the positive life changes and habit changes to line up with Your kingdom Identity in Christ.


If you want some study material to grow in your identity in Christ and as a Christ-Centered Coach check out our 31 Day Video Devotional Series Biblical Affirmation Mastery for Christian Entrepreneurs on Identity in Christ!


So don’t try harder, focus on lining up your identity in Christ more!



Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA"christian business coach"





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  • Keshia Wright
    Posted at 14:19h, 10 November Reply

    This should really be the first lesson a believer should understand. Until we do you cannot walk in your true authority. This really helped me. So many things had been coming against me and had me doubting myself. Thanks Rev. Ron.

  • Pam Atkins
    Posted at 17:19h, 10 November Reply

    Awesome reminders! Charles Capps calls God’s word medicine. Thanks for creating such a valuable and life-changing resource.

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