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4 Ways to Make Money Coaching

"make money coaching"

4 Ways to Make Money Coaching

If you are reading this blog post you are most likely a coach wondering how to make more money coaching.

Most coaches only have one or two ways to make money in their coaching business. The process for increasing coaching income is a lot simpler than most coaches realize. We are so close to our own business that is often just takes an outside perspective to create a breakthrough to make more money coaching. We encourage our coaches to adopt our customer ascension model that we share with our own 1 on 1 client.

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4 Steps to Make Money Coaching

  1. Long-Term Coaching – 6+ Month Programs. This creates longer and more sustainable income.  90-day minimums are the very shortest program we do. Realistically you want to work with clients until they no longer need you or for cashflow and program purposes 6 – 12 months. The key to sustaining clients is helping them have continuous wins in their desired area; for us it’s getting clients more profits and lead flow. The second key is offering a discount for a full payment option as opposed to a monthly payment.
  2. Charge Premium Prices – One major reason that coaches struggle is that they don’t see themselves as spiritual leaders and highly valuable to people. When you don’t have a high value of your services or skills you won’t charge what your coaching is worth. The additional benefit of charging premium rates is that it weeds out people who are less serious and attracts higher-level clientele.
  3. New Leadflow – Leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you are not generating new leads with your content or paid ads you’re missing the majority of the impact you could have and people you can help. Without new leads, there will not be new customers. I know some coaches, including myself at times, who have relied on word of mouth referrals. Great coaches can sustain a business like this. However, it’s still foolish for this to be your only method of attracting new clients and customers. I suggest getting training from us to learn multiple ways of marketing and generating leads online. Click Here to Learn More about our 23 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Online.
  4. Offer Multiple Products – Most coaches have 1 or 2 programs. 1 on 1 or group coaching. When you don’t have information products, courses, paid webinars, or other products. The majority of your audience that isn’t ready to pay for coaching are left not experiencing the benefits of your expertise. This isn’t an endorsement for low coaching pricing. This is the reason why coaches and entrepreneurs need to have multiple products at different pricing.

At Christ-Centered Coaching, we teach our clients how to create and implement an ascension model that continuously moves prospects deeper into a buying cycle. This is basically the idea of moving someone up from a low ticket offer to a medium, and then to a high while adding value and serving them excellently along the way. The easiest thing in my opinion to start charging for is Zoom Workshops.

Here is a picture of the machine we build with clients.

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