4 Steps to Create Youtube Marketing Videos & 10 Tips to Get Video Views

4 Steps – How to Create Youtube Marketing Videos for Business

4 Steps – How to Create Youtube Marketing Videos for Business

4 Steps – How to Create Youtube

Marketing Videos for Business

How do you make a marketing video for your business that will actually work? Video marketing is a staple strategy in our online marketing arsenal and it always will be. Videos on your blog or youtube are content that will stay up on internet land forever. Unlike social media posts or live videos, video content on youtube will not disappear in the infinite scroll of the newsfeed. In fact, I have videos on youtube from 2009 that still generate leads and sales for me today; I can’t say that about any live videos I’ve created.  Video marketing for business is a viable long term strategy that has a compounding effect on your business.

4 Steps to Create Youtube Marketing Videos for business

  1. Hook Question – A question hook is when you ask a question that relates to the subject of your content of the video.  The only way a person can know the answer to that hook question is by watching your video or reading your content. Here is an example: “Do you know the difference between sales that come from Facebook vs sales that come from Google? It may be costing you tens of thousands in repeat business.” Another example: “Do you run out of time to make dinner for the family? Here are 4 easy methods to always have dinner made no matter what’s going on in life.”You can then create video content talking about the question and delivering value to your viewers. A hook question needs to be asked at the beginning of the video to grab the viewer’s attention and hook them to watch more.
  2. Intro – Say your name and what you do/what your youtube channel is about. For example: “My name is Rev. Ron Gelok III and we help Christian Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Course creators grow their business with digital marketing. Today we are talking about…”
  3. Content – You must produce quality content! What questions does your customer/target audience have? Are there problems keeping them up at night? What are their wants, needs, desires, and fears? Create content around your target avatar and help them as much as you can in your content. It is always better to overdeliver than to leave people dissatisfied with your content. I suggest not having a lot of fluff or filler content. Most people have short attention spans.
  4. CTA – Call to Action. Without making a CTA at the end of your video it is essentially pointless. You must lead your viewer to the next step you want them to take by making a call to action. It is not enough to say, “visit my site” or “join my email newsletter.” Give people a reason to take your CTA.For example: “If you enjoyed this Christian Business Building tips and want more, visit https://ChristCenteredCoaching.com/37Ways and download my Free Book that gives Christian Entrepreneurs 37 ways to integrate their Faith in Business.

4 Keys to Creating Youtube Marketing Videos

Consistency – Search engines and your followers love consistency. Discipline and consistency will outperform talent. Not all of your videos are going to be seen or rank even when you do all of the right things. Developing a consistent pattern of uploading videos and sending them out to your followers will tell search engines you are a regular content creator and your videos will be favored in search results.

Quality Content over Quantity – There is nothing worse than having invested a bunch of time watching a video to then not get the solution and feel fooled. Do NOT engage in click-bait tactics. If you focus on creating high-value content over a quantity of average content you create subscribers, trust, and an engaging audience.

Longer Videos – 7-15 minutes or longer videos tend to rank better in search results for us. This concept seems counterintuitive at first because we have short attention spans but longer videos improve “watch time.” Watch time is one of the metrics Youtube uses to rank your video in search results. Our longer youtube training videos seem to do better in terms of ranking in search results and getting views. Don’t make videos long just for the sake of being long, no fluff or padding needed. Deliver quality content that gets the job done. If your viewer can walk away from your video and experience a result, that video is a win regardless of the length.

Authenticity – I’ve found that people are starved for authentic and real people. Sharing genuinely and not putting on masks of “how we want to be perceived,” online can create a real connection with your viewers. Nobody likes to talk with someone who they know is being phony so let’s not do that in video marketing either.

10 Steps to Get Youtube Marketing Video Views

What is the point of creating a great youtube marketing video if no one can see it? Below are 10 of the best practices for youtube video marketing and are highly recommended.

  1. Have a Goal – As you think about what end screens or cards to use, focus on your goal for the video. Do you want to get more subscribers? Boost your channel in the search results? Sell something? Generate some leads? Having a goal in mind from the beginning is a good habit to develop. That way you can craft your video and optimization around that goal.
  2. Keyword in the title – Name your video something you believe people will be searching for. Your video will want to answer that searched question. Put your primary keyword or search term in the youtube video title. This will tell people what the video is about and tell search engines what the video is about.
  3. End Screen – This is the last 15 seconds of a youtube video where people can subscribe, watch another video, visit your site, or whatever other “call to action” you make on the screen. This is what our end screen looks like at the end of our videos.  Use the end screen to promote your other videos and gain subscribers.
  4. Cards – Cards are interactive elements added to YouTube videos that can be used to promote videos, playlists, websites, merchandise or channels. Unlike annotations (which cards replaced), cards appear on both desktop and mobile. The following video shows in just a few easy clicks how to create your own youtube cards for your videos. Here is a screenshot of what the card looks like and a video tutorial so you can set these up on your own videos. You will have to set up an “associated website” with youtube to enable Youtube Cards. Here is a short help article from google that walks you through how to set up an associated website."how to make marketing videos"
  5. Description – 500+ words with your tags/keywords in the description. I like to think of the youtube description area as a mini blog post section. This is your chance to accurately talk about the content of your video, include keywords, links, timestamps, and whatever else you want. I would focus on 500+ words per description and using your keywords/tags in the description section."how to create marketing videos"
  6. Time Stamps – A timestamp is when in the description you place a time like 1:20 which becomes clickable in the youtube description and can assist in your SEO ranking for your video. A timestamp is essentially a hyperlink to that moment in time in your video. You can use this to organize longer videos by adding keywords with your time stamps or when you switch topics make a new timestamp.
  7. Tags – You get 500 characters to put in your keywords. Your keywords should be in your description, title, and tag section. Tags tell the search engines what your video is about. The idea is when people search the tag or keyword term, your video will pop up in search results."how to create marketing videos for business"
  8. Share on Social Media – Sharing your youtube video on other platforms helps creates more views and shares. Videos generate more likes, comments and are shared more times than the other types of content. Social media shares also show relevancy to search engines and your content is rewarded by showing up more in search results."how to create youtube marketing videos"
  9. Thumbnail Image – You can create custom thumbnail images to help your video get selected to watch in the search results.  For youtube thumbnails, the image should have a resolution of 1280×720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels). Even if you have zero creative ability, you can easily create youtube end screens, cards, and thumbnail images with a free tool called https://Canva.com"how to create youtube videos for business"
  10. Add Video to Playlist – First create a playlist, preferably with your keyword in the playlist title. When you create videos related to those topics add them to the playlist. This will help with search results and views. You can add a youtube video to a playlist by clicking the “save” feature in the bottom right of any youtube video. From this place, you can also create new playlists.



What does Youtube Want for Videos to Rank them in Search Results?

Creating youtube marketing videos is one of the most effective ways to build rapport and trust with your audience. If you are not currently using youtube video marketing to grow your business you are missing out. Think of each video as a fishing line you have out in a pond to catch fish or leads for your business. The more lines with bait in the water you have the more fish, I mean customers you’ll catch.

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