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3 Ways To Work with the Holy Spirit

3 Ways To Work with the Holy Spirit

3 Ways To Work with the Holy Spirit

Today we will be talking about working with the Holy Spirit in your Coaching Business.

3 Ways To Work with the Holy Spirit


  • Start with a prayer.

The first thing that I always do with my Christian coaching clients is I’m going to pray to start off the call. Here’s what I do: “God, I welcome you unto our coaching call. Holy Spirit we yield ourselves before you. We ask that you lead, guide, and direct. You are the coach. You are the CEO. We humble ourselves before you and we begin in the name of Jesus.”

That’s how I start every single call, I acknowledge and invite the Holy Spirit in. While I’m coaching I try to be sensitive and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in what He wants me to communicate or ask the client. In your coaching, working with the Holy Spirit involves you tapping into His supernatural power. Don’t be surprised if you often get words of wisdom, words of knowledge, prophetic words for your clients. You get creative insights and directions for them and it’s directly from the Holy Spirit.

  • Let the Holy Spirit lead, guide, and direct the call.

Let’s talk about another instance: How do you work with the Holy Spirit when your client seems to be stuck? What’s really going on in there?

When your client is stuck, a lot of times, it’s not necessarily the exercise that they’re stuck with. The Lord is wanting to do more and create further breakthroughs in their lives, so ask them and find out what’s really underneath this? What is underneath the actual being stuck- the frustration, the anxiety, the problem that they’re experiencing- what’s underneath that?

There are surface-level problems and then there are root-level problems. The Holy Spirit will make us aware of the surface-level problems and there are instances, He will make us aware of root-level problems. That’s when you can go into inner healing. That’s when you get into deliverance and create real breakthroughs, real lasting freedom for your clients. This is all at the will of the Holy Spirit – He leads, guides, and directs, that’s why we pray that at the beginning of the call. Your job is to show up, be fully present, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, be able to facilitate real breakthroughs and transformation.

  • Allow the Holy Spirit to take over the call.

Don’t be surprised sometimes if the Holy Spirit takes over the call and you go a little bit longer than what you originally intended for. Go ahead and do that. Make that space available. You don’t want to interfere with the works of the Holy Spirit. I’ll tell you what, the ultimate payoff is there’s such satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment that comes from coaching in those extra times when you know you’re flowing in His Spirit and you’re creating breakthroughs for the client, they’re getting their answers.

We do a lot of this in marketing for Christian coaches- help them with their marketing messages, their taglines, their offers, all that kind of stuff. When you’re in the flow of the Holy Spirit, you don’t want to turn that off, you don’t want to stop. Go the extra mile. Spend the extra time when you can and if you’re willing to go to those places. It’s the way that you can underpromise and the Holy Spirit can help you to overdeliver. 

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