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3 Expensive Mistakes Christian Coaches Make

3 Expensive Mistakes Christian Coaches Make

After personally helping hundreds of Christian Coaches build their business online I’ve found three very common and expensive mistakes that Christian coaches make. The irony of these is that a lot of them seem like good ideas but rarely do they work out. My hope with today’s blog and video is that you are prevented from wasting time and money doing these things.


3 Expensive Mistakes that Christian Coaches Make 

Today we’re talking about three expensive mistakes that Christian coaches make. If you have made one of these already don’t worry, just make the change and adjust!


3 Expensive Mistakes that Christian Coaches Make

1. Investing in a website instead of a FUNNEL.

Believe it or not, buying and owning a website to start your Christian coaching business is actually not the first thing that I would invest in at all. And I believe it is an expensive mistake because websites don’t actually do a good job of generating leads and sales for you. There are two big things that you can use for your online presence. A sales funnel and a website. A website is really just a fancy brochure that shows who you are and what you do. But the reality is that most of your business is not going to come from your website. This is traditional old-school, online marketing thinking. Really what you want to have in place is an online sales funnel. Something that you create with ClickFunnels, Lead pages, Kartra, etc. There are lots of tools that help you create a sales funnel instead of a website. We also do “Done For You” funnels that are proven to work to get clients. We do that “Done for You” for our Christian coaches.

2. Not owning Emails.

When you’re a Christian Coach and you generate leads online, not owning your email addresses is a huge mistake. Here’s the deal: the email addresses that you generally have something called: Lifetime Value (LTV). LTV means that today they might cost a few bucks or whatever product at a low ticket, but over the course of 12-24 months, they could already be worth x thousand dollars. If you don’t own those email addresses, you can’t put other offers in front of them. You can’t send them other things to buy. You can’t invite them to your one-on-one, your group, your retreat, your workshop, your webinar. You have lost the capability of that. So, a crucial mistake you want to avoid is not owning the email addresses. You absolutely don’t want to do that. In fact, the only things that you should truly own online are your email list and your website. (We’ll talk about when you should own a website in the future.)

3. Not Investing in Marketing.

For some reason, we are willing to spend thousands of dollars on certifications and credentials. A lot of you guys enroll in ICF, Ziegler, Jack Canfield, American Association of Christian Councils, and other expensive certifications but are not willing to spend the marketing dollars to invest in ourselves or our business. You say things like, “I’ve tried Facebook Ads, spent a hundred bucks and I didn’t get a single lead. It didn’t work!”. Things probably didn’t work because you weren’t doing it correctly. There’s a strategy and a methodology into the madness of doing all that. That’s where we come in and that’s where we specialize in helping Christian coaches grow and scale their business to impact the kingdom of God.



Just to recap: The three expensive mistakes you want to avoid as a Christian Coach are

 #1. Investing in a website. Don’t do it. Buy a sales funnel, instead. It’s actually going to make you money. A website is really just a fancy brochure that has too many things to click on. A sales funnel provides a direct path that acquires a customer.

#2. Own your email addresses. Don’t let anyone talk you into not owning it and letting it stay in software or platform. You need to own those email addresses. There’s tons of money there, tons of people that you can help. More importantly, there are people on that list that don’t know Jesus yet and don’t know the power He brings for healing, deliverance, and life transformation.

#3. Not investing in marketing to grow your business. We invest thousands of dollars in certifications, credentials, and all that kind of things, but when it comes to generating leads, and new customers and clients, it’s almost like the walls are closed for some reason. We have to be willing to invest in marketing and education and coaches to help us get clients so we can live out and fulfill the calling that God placed in our lives to coach. 


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and avoided these costly mistakes. I want to encourage you to subscribe to our youtube channel: Christ-Centered Coaching and visit Christcenteredcoaching.com/blog for more helpful content and videos like this to help you build a Christ-centered coaching business.


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