3 Areas to Set Coaching Client Expectations  - Christ Centered Coaching

3 Areas to Set Coaching Client Expectations 

3 Areas to Set Coaching Client Expectations 

How to Set Coaching Client Expectations

A successful coach-and-client relationship starts from the beginning by setting realistic expectations for the client. Setting expectations for your clients helps them identify what it takes to experience success in your coaching program. We teach people how to treat us and being upfront on what a coaching relationship looks like in your program prevents unnecessary frustrations on both sides.

3 Areas to Set Coaching Client Expectations 

  1. The Area of Their Results – Anytime there is a gap between where a person thinks they should be and where they actually are, that produces frustration. That being said, build into your program opportunities for quick wins for your clients to affirm their decision
    They are really not going to become a millionaire overnight or drop 50lbs in a month. Set realistic expectations on when they should see results.
  • Coach and Client Communications – Some clients will assume they have almost 24/7 access to you if you don’t establish the boundaries and methods of communication. For example, in our Inner Circle Program for Chrisitan Coaches, our clients can send us emails and Voxer messages 24/7, and our coaches and I will respond during business hours or other set hours they work. This helps to maintain balance in your work and home life rhythm. As the coach, set your hours because you are the expert and make yourself reasonably available to clients where you can deliver excellence to them.
  • What You WILL Do & What You WON’T Do – Here are some examples: I won’t do the work for you, the client will see results if they are coachable but if they do not do the work that is the responsibility of the coach. The Client is responsible for scheduling calls on the calendar or YOU as the coach are responsible to schedule calls together at the end of each session (pick one).

I suggest communicating coaching client expectations in two places:


  • "coaching client expectations"Welcome Guide – A welcome guide is content that shares what your program covers, FAQs, what it includes, where to access your training material, member’s area, and other relevant information.



  • Onboarding Call – The first call for your client should be an onboarding process and/or call to be sure they have access to all of your materials, go over expectations, their goals, program overview, and other aspects of your Christian Coaching Program.


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