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23 Ways to Get Coaching Clients

"23 ways to get coaching clients"

23 Ways to Get Coaching Clients

23 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Online

The #1 issue most coaches and entrepreneurs have is knowing how to get coaching clients online. Lead flow is the lifeblood of your business and if you don’t have consistent steady streams of coaching applications coming in, your revenue will be irregular. The stress of not knowing when your next client will show up is not something coaches and entrepreneurs should have. After spending a few years experiencing roller-coaster income I’ve found some effective ways to get new coaching clients online. I encourage you to use several of the methods below to get coaching clients online. They all require the first method and piggyback off it so please set that up first.

It seems like every time I open my phone on social media I am seeing ads for “how to start a coaching business” or “how to get coaching clients” with this simple super secret sexy method that’s easier than ordering a big mac with fries. The truth is that this is misleading and there are MULTIPLE ways to generate new coaching client leads and acquire new clients. You have to find what you like doing and what works best for you. Here are some ideas on how to get coaching clients to start with.

23 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Online

My goal is always to direct potential clients to an application and discovery call. The reason for doing this is that not everyone is a fit for coaching. I like to see how I can help clients and give them some value before I invite them to become a client. So the key with all of these steps is direct the leads to an application.

So there are 2 absolute things you need for this strategy to work. 1. An application to accept coaching client leads, and 2. An attitude to serve and help people more than to make money from them. We provide a simple and straight forward way for you to not only have a great coaching application but a “Get Clients Sales Funnel” that 100% automatically has the ability to book new client discovery calls for your coaching business.

    1. Create a Free Coaching Session application. This is the most important tool you can use to prescreen your leads and book appointments. How can people apply to work with you or say they are interested if there is no form or way for them to apply. You can create surveys and applications in a great tool called Clickfunnels.

      Here’s an example of my Get Coaching Clients application

    2. Facebook Group – Create a free Facebook group and provide solutions and value to your target audience. You need to give people a reason to join the group. Deliver valuable content in the group 80% of posts, the remaining 20% should be invitations for discovery calls or to sell a product. You can deliver a variety of value to people by making posts, videos, Facebook lives, polls, and whatever your creativity leads you to. However, the Facebook group should be intentional and have a clear focus on how you help group members. To see this strategy in action check out our Facebook group called, Christian Entrepreneur Community – Christ-Centered Coaching. This group is for Christ-Centered Coaches and entrepreneurs. Inside of the group I regularly provide Biblical content and digital marketing content to members advance their business and relationship with God.
      "how to get coaching clients with facebook groups"
    3. ManyChat – ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger marketing tool. With this method, you can create Facebook messenger campaigns, SMS, and emails to generate leads and send follow up campaigns. Through this messenger tool, you can provide additional value that progresses your leads towards taking the next step towards a purchase. Delivering additional value to your leads this further nurtures them and develops trust. Therefore, leading them to believe you can help, because you have demonstrated such through your content, and they book a discovery call with you.

      Using ManyChat to get coaching clients works best with the conjunction of other strategies like Facebook ads and email marketing. My favorite feature of this strategy is that it is all automated and works 24/7.
    4. Offer FREE Giveaways (Lead Magnets) – A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information. Lead magnets are free and usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc. This will get coaching clients to give you their information and you the chance to follow up with coaching services or additional offers. Giving a free resource away to get a lead is a lot less of an ask then pay thousands of dollars upfront to a coach they don’t know or trust yet. Lead magnets are best used for “cold traffic,” which is people who don’t know who you are yet.  A lead magnet is the beginning of a Get Clients Funnel is where the first exchange of value takes place.
      "get coaching clients funnel"

      "lead magnets to get clients"Once you have someone’s contact information you can communicate with them a variety of ways to further deliver value and show how you serve your clients.  While you are sending emails and communicating value to your leads they begin to know and trust you more and become “warm traffic.” At this point, they are more willing to apply for coaching or purchase a lower ticket product.

      Think of giving away lead magnets, in conjunction with email marketing, as the primary way to turn “cold traffic” into new buyers and clients.

      Here is an example of one of our Lead Magnets. It’s called “37 Ways to Integrate Your Faith in Business.” It’s designed to help our target audience of Christian entrepreneurs and coaches grow their relationship with God and grow their business.

    5. Email Marketing – Email marketing is sending a marketing message,  to a specific group of people, using email. Copywriting is the main skill required for this strategy. Email is an integral part of your marketing communication. People buy after multiple exposures to a product or service. Email marketing can keep your message, product, and services in front of your email leads. A funnel is required to build an email list or at a minimum a basic “email opt-in form.” Email marketing is something that begins at the opt-in form.  Without "email marketing to get coaching clients"
      Email marketing broadcasts are used for one-time broadcast messages to the email list. Follow-up campaigns are prewritten emails scheduled to be sent to an email address based on time delays, clicks, and purchases. Creating email marketing systems to deliver more value and produce additional sales is honestly something most online entrepreneurs are lacking.
      Now that you have a way to build an email list you can send messages to book a call with you or hop on your calendar. If you don’t have a calendar tool I recommend Calendly.com (which is free to start) or BookLikeaBoss.com
    6. Email Banner Ads – Email banner ads are basically images that act as small billboards in someone’s emails to their audience. You can purchase advertising space inside of large email lists and use your banner images; like this one below.
    7. Blog Post Hyperlinks – A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or website. I use hyperlinks as images and text links to share lead magnets, opt-ins, and other offers. You can hyperlink to your “Get Clients Funnel” in any blog post to generate new client leads. Creating a clickable image in WordPress is another way you can attract leads by linking that image to an opt-in page or coaching application.
    8. P.S. Lines – This is really just a hyperlink but the location of this is the key to lead generation. Not everyone reads all of your emails or blog posts so what I do is I add “P.S. Lines” to my blog posts and emails to invite people to book a marketing strategy or discovery call with me. Don’t underestimate this valuable piece of real estate, people will skip all of your content and scroll right down to the bottom and only see the P.S. line. This strategy works simply because not everyone reads your content. Email opens or page views don’t automatically equal 100% read/watched content. Here is an example I use in my emails:"how to get coaching clients with email"
    9. Get Clients Funnel – Let us build your “Get Coaching Clients” funnel. This is a 100% automated method to present coaching to your leads and get them to book discovery calls with you. The Get Coaching Clients program also includes discovery call scripts, how to run a coaching session, and the Christian Coaching Creation Formula training course; this is everything you need to know to start your own coaching business online."how to get coaching clients"
    10. Youtube Videos – Youtube is a search engine and your ideal coaching clients are already on youtube searching for solutions to their questions and problems. When you create video content that solves their problems and answers their questions you build trust and credibility. Here is an example of a video I made for my audience of coaches, that helps them solve yo-yo income, feast or famine client acquisition, and demonstrates 4 additional revenue streams for coaches to make more money and get coaching clients.

      Ex: 4 Ways to Make Money Coaching

      Every video should end with a CTA (Call to Action) for your viewer to take the next step with you. Whether that is book a discovery call, click the link below, or purchase XYZ product. You have to direct the viewer to take an action step after viewing your content. I use this 4 Step Youtube method to get coaching clients and deliver great video content:

      4 Step CTA Method to Create Great Youtube Videos

      1. Hook questions – Draw the audience in with questions around your client’s pain points, wants, needs, and aspirations. “Have you ever asked yourself_________.”
      2. Quick Intro – “Hey there, my name is Rev. Ron from Christ-Centered Coaching”
      3. Content – “Today we are answering the question_____.” and proceed with your content.
      4. Call To Action – Tell your viewer what action you want them to take next. Is it to enter their email in, book a call with you, purchase a product or service, tell them what to do next. This is known as a “CTA” or “Call to Action.” For coaches, you want to make a CTA to book a call with you or apply for a discovery call.

      Having those 4 elements in all of your videos will guide your leads to book discovery calls with you. This is a highly effective strategy because video content stays up forever; unlike live videos that disappear in the infinite scroll of social media newsfeeds.

    11. Instagram Content – Direct Instagram content to click the link in bio, scroll up in newsfeeds (if you have the minimum 10,000 follower requirement), or Direct Message you for XYZ offer you make. This strategy requires you to be active and make posts consistently. Using Instagram TV and Instagram stories are also incredibly effective for driving traffic to a “Get Clients Funnel.”
    12. Facebook/Instagram Lives – Facebook is currently favoring live video content over all other forms of posts on their platform. Even more effective is Facebook lives inside of  Facebook groups. If you are using this strategy I would regularly show up live, at least once per week, to deliver fresh and valuable content to your group members/fans. On your Facebook Live, you can make a CTA (call to action) to apply for a free strategy call with you. This is why its crucial to have an application or a funnel. There is a Facebook live tool I like to use called Be.Live and its a Facebook live broadcasting tool that allows you to customize your lives with titles and your own logo and branding colors; it does a lot more as well.If you really want to dive into this strategy you can watch some free training on how to get coaching clients with Facebook live here.
      "how to get coaching clients with instagram live"
    13. Social Media Posts – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and etc. can all be used to invite your following to book a free discovery call with you. Lead with valuable information and content that makes people wanting to learn more from you. You will post on your fan page, your profile, and Facebook Groups. For social media posting strategy to work you need to:
      a.) Consistently post value and ask for nothing in return 80% value content and 10-20% asks for email/sale.
      b.) Engage with others! Facebook will deliver your content to more people when you engage with other’s posts by leaving comments, liking, and sharing. On social media, you’ll find that those who you engage with most will often be your best followers and brand promoters.
    14. Google Adwords – AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords searched. I recommend people sending their traffic to a capture/opt-in page so you can collect visitor’s email addresses and continue to market to them. You can learn more about Adwords and get started with their platform here.  If you want someone to set up and run your Adwords and Youtube campaigns, we can help you with that too."how to get coaching clients with adwords"
    15. Facebook Ads – “Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people who matter most to them. Advertisers create campaigns that have specific goals, which we call advertising objectives and they create ads within those campaigns to help them reach those objectives.

      For example, a business may create a campaign because they want to get more people to visit their website. When they create ads within that campaign, they’ll choose images, text and an audience that they think will help them get that increase in visitors. Learn more about how Facebook ads work and how they differ from boosting a post” (Facebook, 2020). This strategy has been able to scale many of our clients lead-flow and sales.

      To get started with Facebook Ads simply go to https://www.facebook.com/business/ads 

      You can also click on the little white down arrow on the top right of your Facebook page and scroll down to where it says “create ad” or “Business Manager.” Both will take you to Facebook’s Ad Manager where you can create Facebook Ads to get coaching clients.  Additionally, Facebook Ads is an area of expertise of ours and we can generate new discovery calls for your coaching business using Facebook. However, if you would like to learn and implement this strategy on your own, we recommend this Facebook Ads Training Course

      Check out Bob Heilig’s experience when he created his own coaching program.

      For my first paid product, I sold a $27 webinar that I called, Building Your Business with Facebook. I announced it on my morning Periscope, and by the time I was done only 15 minutes later, I already had like 100 people buy! Over the next 7 days, I had over 1,100 people purchase the training, and wound up making over $30,000. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I had never done a webinar before! In only a couple of conversations, Ron coached me and helped me to earn over $200,000 in revenue from coaching clients and product sales in 30 days with my brand new business. Ron was definitely one of the factors of my new found success online.
    16. LinkedIn Ads – This is very similar to Facebook ads but just on the LinkedIn platform. This platform is better for B2B advertising as its users primarily consist of business professionals. The amount you pay to advertise on LinkedIn is up to you. You can start with any budget and stop your ads at any time. LinkedIn ads are sold through an auction-style. When you run ads, you compete with other advertisers who want to reach a similar target audience. You pay based on the number of other advertisers competing, response to your ad, and a variety of other factors.
      "how to get coaching clients with linkedin"
    17. Free Facebook Challenges – What is the goal your audience wants to achieve? Now, what is a small taste of that you can help someone achieve in a short amount of time? Collect a group of people to participate in a daily challenge with you and others for free or a nominal fee. Ex: 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge. At the end of the challenge, you invite your group members who just had a great experience with you to become coaching clients. You can transition them to 1 on 1 or my favorite move to do is to keep the group synergy and dynamic by offering group coaching to the challenge group members. Here is what you need for this strategy:"how to get coaching clients with facebook challenges"
      a.) A Plan for daily content
      b.) Determine the end goal to achieve
      c.) Give your challenge a name
      d.) Invite others to participate
      e.) Run the challenge
      f.) Make sales for coaching
      Dive deeper into this strategy & take our own FREE 5 Day Facebook Challenge to Get Clients to Say YES!
    18. Past Client Reach Out – If you are an existing coach or have had success in a particular industry you can reach out to previous clients and contacts. Let them know that, “you are now providing XYZ coaching and was wondering who do you know that is looking for XYZ result?” Asking for referrals from previous clients has been a goldmine of new clients for us. Some of our past clients have referred several clients to us at a time. Don’t underestimate the power of referrals.
    19. Create a Referral Program – Have someone you would like to recommend for coaching and want to get paid for it? You can offer a commission or percentage fee for bringing you a new client. This has worked well in the past for me on the receiving and giving side. We currently pay a 20% referral fee for new coaching clients one time and monthly; it just depends on how the client purchases. However, we only make this available to past and current clients. You can pay your commissions out with PayPal or a similar online merchant account.
    20. Social Media Prospecting – Building relationships through social media is a great way to get new coaching clients. Social media prospecting for getting coaching clients works best when you are consistent and authentically care about people. Make a goal to add 5 new people a day and send them a message t"coaching scripts"o connect. The people that you are messaging should be your target audience and have some mutual interests with you. When you implement this strategy consistently you should start seeing results about 30 days in. If you stay consistent you should enroll about 1 new client per week.  If you need help with starting these conversations and transitioning them to coaching clients I would suggest purchasing the  Christian Coach’s Script Book.
    21. Webinars – Online webinars are a powerful tool to demonstrate to groups of people how you can help. I’ve done both styles: PowerPoint and talking head videos. Webinars are one of the most powerful ways to sell products, attract new clients, and position yourself as an authority in your niche. At the end of your webinar make a CTA to “Apply for a Strategy/Discovery Call.” Use the Christian Coach’s script book, you’ll know how to successfully enroll coaching clients.
    22. Create a Genuine Sense of Urgency – Limited time offers. One effective method is to create a discount in your pricing for a limited time. Available for those who apply within a given time period will receive X% off of the standard rate. I do this to get coaching clients online usually once a year by sharing it with a combination of other methods of Facebook groups, youtube videos, email marketing, and blog posts.
      "getting clients online"
    23. Bold Reach Outs – Imagine your ideal client, your top of top dream clients. Seek these people out via phone, email, and social media. Make a “Bold Reach Out” and tell someone how you can help them. I can help you___ _______(what you do)_____ and you’d like to give them a Free Strategy/Health/Discovery Call. At the end of the call, invite them to become a client at your top high ticket package. We have scripts available at a low cost here.



If you would like to start or grow your own Coaching Business and implement a “Get Coaching Clients Funnel” – Click Here to See the Details



Rev. Ron Gelok III, MBA



P.S.  Need a Christian Business Coach to help you get clients? Watch: 3 Secrets to Create a 6 Figure Coaching Business

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